What to see in Birmingham?

  • Selfridges

A building with a thousand aluminum disks, which is also a part of The Bull Ring shopping center. The most recognizable building in the city center.

  • Gas Street

In times, when the city did not have a well-developed network of roads or railways, Gas Street had a very important function in transportation. Being the main place of loading and unloading in the city, Gas Street was the first to have gas lighting. Hence the name of the street. In 1960, water transport by channels lost its importance. Road and railroad transportation proved to be too strong of a competition for water transport. The last company to use the channels was Cadbury in Burnville. For some time, the channels were forgotten.

  • Oozells Square

It is worth it to visit this place in spring, when the cherry trees bloom. This tiny square transforms then into a charming place, where you can regain strength before continuing the exploration of the city. In addition to the blossoming cherry trees, there is an Ikon Gallery. The contemporary art gallery is located in a historic Victorian building. The gallery organizes workshops, family days, special events. You can also take a guided tour of the gallery itself.

  • Centenary Square

It is in this place, where the popular buildings of the city are gathered. Hall of Memory, Library of Birmingham, Symphony Hall, Repertory Theater (The REP), and in front of them, there is a golden statue of the pioneers of the industrial era: J. Watt, M. Boulton and W. Murdoch. A big drawback of strolling there on Sunday morning is the lack of access to the observation terrace in the library. The library is closed on Sundays.

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