What to see during holidays in Kusadasi?

Turkey has been a popular destination for tourists for many years. A town that is definitely worth a longer stay is Kusadasi. This is an exceptionally scenic place and it is because the bay in which it is located. Those people who wishing to take a swim in the azure waters and exploring interesting places, they should definitely visit the Turkish resort of Kusadasi. As a tourist, it might be better to rent a car while in Kusadasi, to have better mobility.

Most people who decide to come to Turkey spend a lot of time on the beaches. It is not surprising because they are extremely beautiful – wide and covered with sand to encourage fo relaxation nearby the water. The beach that every tourist should visit is Long Beach – it has a length of over 22 km, so there is no need to rest in the crowds, because everyone will easily find a private place for themselves. Making decision about spending your holidays in Kusadasi you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy beautiful views. If you want to see the city in advance, go to the hill above Ataturk. This is a great viewpoint. Those who choose to go there should pay close attention to the statue of a the leader standing there, who is closely watching the city.

What to see during holidays in Kusadasi? Visiting the city is worth to see the Kaleici mosque, it is the most beautiful mosque in the whole city – it was put on a square plan. Another noteworthy mosque is the Hanin dating back to the 17th century, although to this day in its intactness state you can admire only the foundations, as the rest of the mosque was rebuilt in the mid-twentieth century. While staying in Kusadasi, you can also go to one of the local baths. Those people who are wishing to take a little further trip should necessarily go to the nearby Ephesus.

Of course, during your stay in Kusadasi you can spend time not only on visiting the surrounding attractions but also enjoying the nightlife. The city center is full of places to have fun. You can go to different kinds of bars, pubs or discos, and you can also go to the local in which is played local music.

It is easy to notice that spending a holidays in Turkey is a great idea. Holidays in Kusadasi will certainly be unforgettable for anyone, whether one likes spending time on the beach, visiting sights or playing.

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