Ways to learn English before you leave

Repeat phrases in your spare time

Spend every day in the language from 15 minutes to an hour of time. Repeat phrases aloud, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, check the meaning of words. This way you will not forget anything and gain additional self-confidence that is so important in your conversations.

Buy Phrasebook

The first thing you need to have is a list of things that are useful when you travel. You can do it yourself, but a better way will be to purchase phrasebooks where vocabulary and phrases are sorted by topic and are easy to find. So you don’t have to have a separate workbook and a note you can make a pencil in a book that you carry with you while you learn and travel.

Use English-speaking travel forums

Practice writing and reading by searching the travel forums. Nowadays, places on the web, where travelers share their opinions and exchange advice on specific destinations, are plenty. The most popular ones are TripAdvisor.


Learn whole phrases, not just words

If you learn vocabulary then saying anything will be difficult for you. You will spend a lot of time and energy to find and match individual words. That’s why it’s best to learn whole words and phrases and then lay out sentences with them.

Practice listening Comprehension

To carry out even the simplest conversation, you must also know how to understand the other person. It is therefore very important to practice listening comprehension. You can find a lot of free channels, videos and clips on YouTube.

Sign up for conversation lessons

Before you leave or take a seasonal work, it is good to practice your skills and acquire additional during the conversation lesson.


Communication is more important than grammar

Many people are afraid to speak English because they are afraid of Wyśmiania and that they say something wrong. It is worth remembering, however, that after that we learn the language to be able to communicate it. The grammar is of course important, but it is not the most important thing during the conversation, especially if we need something to do or seek help.


Use Google Translate

Another thing you need to focus on is pronunciation. Here, you will be useful to Google Translate – you can use the application on your laptop, computer or you can download it for free on your phone. It is a functional and easy-to-use method for pronunciation learning.


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