Unusual request pilots’ Qantas Airways

Lines Qantas airways are known from great level of services, however through those unusual question they may be remember for another reason. During cruise from Melbourne to Los Angeles they noticed the problem with engine and they asked for help passengers.
During the flight QF93 in cockpit shone indicator light with low level of oil. Firstly pilots verified how serious is the problem to find out if they will be forced for crash landing. Passengers were recounting that the staff was asking some people to look through their windows to check out the engines.

Pilots were asking people before us if they could anything against if they could look through the window at the engine. Next they ran somewhere for a long while – was saying “Daily Mail” one of the passengers. Ultimately pilots decided that they will land in Sydney. Airbus was circled for about several dozen over the airport to dump fuel. After safe taxiing, technical services dealt with plane. Repairing of fault lasted 3 hours and machine flew to Los Angeles with four hour delay.
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Airlines didn’t give information about how many passengers were in the plane but they granted that it was almost full load. So we can suppose that on a board it was over 400 people (Airbus A380 holds to 484 passengers).
Spokesman Qantas Airaways stressed that situation was not safe.
– Captain decided to land instead of continuing a flight by next 14 hours. I’m sorry passengers for interrupted travel but security is our the best of priority – was explaining the spokesman.

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