Turkey – where all inclusive has the best ensured dimension

The All-inclusive model was born in France in the 1950s, but in Turkey it has been restored to ideal. Offers “all existing in price” in other places in the world are for poor relatives of that what you will find on the Turkish Riviera or the Aegean Coast. This is an attractive business model. Who knows, maybe you’ll even consider founding a company there as an investment opportunity!

Mass tourism in Turkey began in the mid of 1980’s and for rapidly changing circumstances this country situated above Mediterranean dethroned other holidays directions. The reasons for this state of affairs are endless in changeability, among the most important of them surely are: perfect, sunny weather (the season on the Turkish Riviera lasts from April to October, in the Aegean Turkish region begin in May, in the summit there are even 13 sunny hours daily, 35 degrees Celsius, in May, September and October are no longer so strong summer heats – on the thermometer we can see about 22-26 degrees Celsius), the notable sandy, wide beaches, great tourist facilities and impressive monuments. Not negligible are also very attractive prices.

But not everyone knows (those who had the pleasure to spend a holidays here know that) that Turkey is one of the places in the world where all-inclusive model of holiday works best (in this respect, equal seems to be only exotic Dominican Republic). In resorts on the Turkish Riviera (including Side, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Belek) and the Aegean Coast, this type of offers has gained totality dimension. “For the price” is really almost everything, plus – at a high level, with care about quality, variety and wide availability.

To be precise, let’s go to conclusions. Let’s start with food and drinks, one of the basic items of “all included for the price” offers. Remind your holidays in Greece, Italy or Bulgaria. Everything was good, but the choice of dishes was usually limited and repetitive – right? And these unbearable limits: a pool bar open from 13, and a small offer of drinks. In Turkey you can forget about the limits. “In hotels, we will try both traditional local delicacies (baklawa, yaprak dolmasi – stuffed grape leaves or taramas – cod liver paste) as well as dishes from various corners of the world and even fast food,” says Mortka. And we’ll just add that to delicious food are coming gratis alcohols from around the world. The buffets are well stocked, the selection is huge and we certainly do not have to worry about waiting in the line in the morning for scrambled eggs, where we have to fight on the elbows with other holidaymakers who trying to win an egg for breakfast.

Another very strong point in Turkey are the hotels animations that are being built here with incredible momentum. Animators all the time care about our time by not allowing us for boring at the pool – neither we nor our babies! Aqua Aerobics, fitness, various games and inclusive society funs for adults, activities and kids clubs are just a hint to the long list of body and soul pleasures that are offering hotels. Their culmination are “Turkish nights“, which are transformed into a real spectacular show – with breathtaking live fire dances, dervish dances, and even glass chants walking on the glass. After all these attractions you can choose to go at a disco in the hotel club or choose to go out of the resort. It is worth to do it in resorts like Bodrum or Alanya, which never fall asleep. They are famous from its intense nightlife, clubs and discos offering a rich party program in and out of season. Havana, Queens Garden or Hollywood are just a few places where hundreds of partying people from all over the world party each night.

In other words, on the way to Turkey, the fun lasts from morning till night with no restrictions – for kids and adults.

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