They gave up work in the corporation and left? This will be a rather different story.

Chanel and Stevo from South Africa left everything and left to fulfill their dreams. Different than others – apart from showing beautiful pictures and the most beautiful places they write about the consequences of the decision which they made. “How Far From Home” – on this blog they share their impressions about the new chapter of their life.


Not always it is a colorful as it might be, when we look at the photos of the golden beaches in California, intoxicating colors of the lavender fields in France or magnificent fiords of Norway. This is only a part of the adventure called ,,they gave up work in the corporation and pursued their dreams”. A young couple from South Africa, which for almost a year is on the road, on their blog reveals the backstage of their everyday life.


Chanel and Stevo met in 2002 r. For 14 years they worked in an advertising branch and led a good life. A family, friends, interesting projects and good cars. Sounds good? They thought the same but suddenly… ,,We felt a routine of this perfect world and the fear of dying in this self-complacency” – they describe. This was the moment when they decided to ,,say yes to the real life”. Although they both had great positions, they resigned to ,,test themselves”.


They decided that during the trip they will go out of their comfort zone and will test themselves in various situations, they will try different jobs. That is why the name of the blog, where they comment their trip from the beginning – Home Far From Home has both metaphoric and direct meaning. In the literal sense – the couple on the photos from the trip poses with the signs saying how far Chanel and Stevo are from Johannesburg which they left. In the metaphoric sense – this is leaving behind this what was a daily basis – the habits, know solutions.


Looking at the pictures, which you can find on their blog, for sure many white collar workers would dream to instantly pack the suitcases and without looking back track this young couple from South Africa. There is one problem. Chanel and Stevo inform in their entries also about the inconveniences and problems of the life they have chosen. ,,We decided to show the realistic image for those who would like to repeat our experience and they think that the never-ending journey is easy and full of only beautiful moments” – says Chanel.

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