Thailand – places you should visit, part 1


Bangkok, the capitol of Thailand, work like a magnet for tourists. It’s no surprise – even though there’s no beaches and the weather can be moody, this city has a one of a kind atmosphere. Monument lovers will find impressive temples, exotic cuisine fans – splendid goodies, and those, who are looking for nighttime entertainment or inexpensive shopping won’t be let down. The biggest attraction of Bangkok is surely the Grand Palace with the temple complex Wat Phra Keo and an Emerald Buddha figurine. The figurine is why Wat Phra Keo temple is colloquially called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The palace complex lays on the east coast of Menam river which is a natural border. Altogether the area is as big as 218 400m2, and will surely leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.


Tear-shaped island – the biggest island in Thailand – is a heaven for tourists. Phuket offers “luxury for dimes” and is incredibly liked by Polish tourists. One of the most popular islands in Asia lays around the west coast of the country and has everything you need to relax: the sun, the sandy beaches, coral reefs, lime cliffs, hills overgrown with bushy jungle and picturesque waterfalls. It also offers a variety of sleeping options – from the cheaper hotels to resorts for very needy clients. There’s also dozens of restaurations, discos and nightclubs, by no mistake Phuket is called “the Bangkok on a beach”.

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