Tanzania – we have found for you the greatest hotel. It is underwater!

Everyone will be jealous about holidays like those. Underwater hotel just off the coast Pemba guarantees unforgettable experiences. Just you and the ocean. And tropical fish swimming to windows providing breathtaking sights.

Situated in distance of 250 meters from shoreline of Pemba island (Zanzibar, autonomic part of Tanzania) hotel room is immersed 4 meters in oceans water. Glazed interiors guarantee a stunning spectacle: fabulous, colorful fish are swimming up to windows with curiosity looking inside. It is called the room with the sight!

Guests are transported by boat to the hotel. In the same way to this place come meals and drinks. -Being here, clearness of water and being around all of this fish is something really incredible – says Caroline Liefland who is spending honeymoon in wonderful apartment.

And this is not only in the middle of the day, because creators of incredible project cared also about lighting underwater „garden” by night so after twilight you can also admire fascinating show. Lights bring fish from near coral reef which has a very compound ecosystem structure and it is real hatchery of see creatures. Coral reef near Pemba belongs to the most varied in East Africa and this is a reason why it attracts like magnet fans of snorkeling and diving.

Excessive fishing is cause of damage to Nassafras coral reefs. Because of that resort named Manta Resort to which belongs underwater room, took collaboration with local fishermen to create a few hundred meters protective zone surrounding incredible apartment. After three years results are visible. The Master of diving Habib Hamadi Othoman says:

– Earlier fishermen were working here without any restrictions. Dragging the net caused damage to the reef. Today the coral looks better because it is growing again. There are also more fish.

In May of this year Manta Resort received the “We Are Africa” award for the best brand in the underwater room of Manta Resort. The resort plans to create three more apartments submerged in the ocean.1,5 thousand. American dollars for a night spent in a water shrine is not a small expense, but staying here will surely be remembered for years.

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