Paris – Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame

Considered to be a symbol of Paris, high for 300 m Eiffel Tower on the Mars field was the highest building in the world to 1931 when was built New York Empire State Building. And then finally there was created in XIX century, 1886 because of opening World Exhibition and was announced competition which was building of tower having more than 1000 foot height. The tower was erected by 250 of people within two years – that was a tempo which in XIX was recognized as phenomenal. Opening ceremony was in March, 1889. On heights 57m, 115m and 275m are viewing terraces. On the first two levels we can get by foot or elevator and from the second next elevator takes the willing people at the third platform. On the first floor we will find souvenir shops, coffee shop and mailbox on the second floor elegant restaurant an on the third floor – high wax figure of designer the tower and observation deck accommodating 800 of people. With good visibility we can see from here not only whole Paris but also for example Fontainebleau or Compiegne.

Notre Dame is a heart and one of the Paris symbols. It was created on the basilica’s place devoted st. Stefan and this replaced Pagan Temple. Cornerstone to building of cathedral was placed in 1163 and work on a gothic building was ended scarcely in half of XIV century, The oldest part of the Temple is presbytery from XII century. In times of french revolution, similar like the other churches Notre Dame was desolate (survived only the biggest bell) and part of valuable dowry – stolen. In 1844 was started restoration works which last 23 years. Director was mainly architect Viollet-le-Duc thanks to who in largely the Temple is very good shaped. In Cathedral Notre Dame have a place events really important for the history of France like coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte on the emperor. Here were also funeral ceremonies further presidents of the republic of French: de Gaulle, Pompidou and Miterranda.

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