Maldives – shark safari

Maldives have perfect conditions for snorkeling and diving – very clear and warm water and coral reefs. Of course, it’s not as rich as the ones in Egypt or Australia, but it’s equally interesting. The hit attraction are the sharks – there’s so many of them, you don’t even need to enter the water to do shark safari. Near the shoreline you can mostly find the small, harmless and timid ones from the blacktip species, and their length doesn’t exceed 70 cm. Altogether, over 26 shark species occur on the Maldives and you can come across all of them while diving: reef sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks, leopard sharks, hammerheads and the biggest of them all – whale sharks. They can be as big as 20 meters long, but they are mild and don’t pose a threat for humans. While diving you can also come across dolphins, rays, sea snakes, moray eels and flying fish.

On the Maldives you can also see the biggest bat – the Indian flying fox, also known as the greater Indian fruit bat. Its body length is ca 32 cm and the wing span can reach 1,5 m. Although when flying, it looks like prehistoric a Jurassic Park creature, it’s actually harmless and herbivorous.

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