Maldives – practical information

You don’t have to exchange money for a different currency on the Maldives. Everything can be carried out using American dollars. You also don’t need visa – it’s a free formality at the airport. Your passport has to be valid only for the time you spend on the island, no additional months after the return needed, as it sometimes happens in different countries. Everything is made with tourists in mind.

It’s important to remember that when we’re on the atoll, we’re really separated from the civilization. Usually there’s nothing on the island except for the hotel – no shop or pharmacy where we can buy necessary things. More often than not, in the better hotels, you can find a doctor who carries the essential medicines, but let’s remember to pack the measures that we think we may need. In case of a sickness, you can only get to the hospital in a bigger island with a boat or a plane. Which is why it’s worth to buy a good, extended insurance. On the Maldives you don’t need any vaccines or malaria cures. It’s useful though to bring tropical mosquito-repellent products – Mugga for instance.

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