Malaga and parts. What you can see and where to have a rest?

Malaga – the capital of sunny coast Costa del Sol, this is incredible place. It is worth to visit it also by autumn – prices are much lower and there are a lot of attractions.
Malaga is an important cultural center and one of the most important sea and fish harbors of Spain situated on the Iberian peninsula. In Andalusia it is the capital of sunny coast Costa del Sol. Nearby there are Betty Mountains, Gibraltar, Marbella, Almeria and coasts of Malaga are slightly washed by water from Mediterranean Sea.

Malaga is not only a seaside spa of the Costa del Sol coast, where we can enjoy all the time by charms of sunbath on Playa de La Malagueta – the main city beach and reach infrastructure. You can also choose a bit further zone of beaches on the South from the harbor. During vacations in Malaga it is worth to see the place of birth the most famous citizen of Malaga, Pablo Picasso, the building where currently there is the Art Museum.

The ruins of Moorish fortress Alcazaba in Malaga are situated in strict center of town at the picturesque hill, nearby ruins of Romanian Theatre from I century b.c.c what means from the times of Augusta’s reign discovered in 1951 year. Actually in the are of Alcazaba it is stationed the archeological museum.

Close, on another hill we will observe the ruins from XIV century of Phoenicians castle Gibralfaro – it is the highest located place in Malaga and a great viewpoint at the whole area. In Malaga highlighted are especially the temples coming from even XI century, especially incomplete Renaissance Cathedral of the Incarnation with statues of Saints and also the Bishop palace. The local churches you necessarily need to visit during Eastern when coming from Malaga Antonio Banderas takes part every year in ceremony celebrating of holidays (Semana Santa with 500 year tradition) together with citizens. The other interesting places of Malaga is Museum of Art Carmen Thyssen with collection of nineteenth Spanish painting, beautiful Botanical gardens Retiro and La Conception, Motoring Museum and La Malagueta, area of bullfighting – the monument of the national country heritage.

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