Krakow – the best place to visit

Krakow—a destination for vacation

Poland is a country with plenty of amazing views and unforgettable places worth seeing. Surprises are awaiting behind every corner of both modern and antique parts of its cities. Krakow is a perfect example of such a place. It is located in the south of the country, being in a close neighbourhood of the Tatras, the highest polish mountain range. The city is mostly famous of its folk tales that can be heard of during a visit at the Old Town.

The Legend of the Dragon and the Shoemaker

The most famous myth is about the dragon and the shoemaker. There was once a brutal dragon dwelling in the city, devouring all the food, including all the sheep. After a certain period of this horror, one of the shoemakers in the city decided to put an end to it. As he was incredibly smart, he stuffed his biggest sheep with sulphur and tar in order to later on feed it to the dragon. After eating the sheep the dragon, fell into such a thirst that it drank all of water from the river. Overfilled with water, yet still thirsty, the dragon cracked wide open. No matter the reliability of the tale, the fact prevails that the dragon is the everlasting symbol of the city. The statue o the monster can be seen at the foot of the Wawel castle.

Apart from the old monument, there is also the Wawel Cathedral, with the renaissance origin as well. It encourages for visit with its stunningly constructed architecture and amazing stainedlass, One of the most appealing views spreads from the top of the hill. It presents the river Wisla, alongside with its green and vast banks. From there you can observe the Old Town. It is worth to begin the sight seeing with St. Mary’s Church situated there. When you want to focus on visiting the centre of the city, it is possible to find quite profitable transports from krakow airport to city center and the other way round.

More attractions

St. Mary’s, beautiful Gothic church, has already been mentioned, and apart from it, on the main square there is much more to visit, including the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the Town Hall, the Cloth Halls, St. Adalbert’s Church and the previously mentioned St. Mary’s.

But the Old Town is much more than just historical buildings and sculptures. There are also lovely restaurants serving regional dishes, cosy pubs with local beer and clubs where you can relax after a long walk through the city. You can also find museums, theatres and cinema and all that without even leaving the old town. All you need is a nice play to stay, and there are many hotels and apartments in the Old Town as well.

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