Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Walking Tour

Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Tour

This walking tour of Warsaw explores pre-war Jewish life in the city, the Warsaw ghetto, memorial sites and a fascinating revival of the Warsaw Jewish community today.

Jewish Warsaw – unique tour

In 1939 Warsaw was home to the second largest Jewish community after New York. Every third Varsovian was Jewish and the city was a world center of Yiddish culture. During World War II the Nazis established here the largest ghetto in occupied Europe, closing almost half a milion people behind a wall.

To look for the remnants of that history the Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Tour will take you off the main routes, into shady courtyards and quiet neighborhoods. On this tour, you will experience Warsaw in a very different way.

But first, you will start the day with authentic, Israeli breakfast in the heart of Warsaw. Berek is probably the best Israeli restaurant in the city, succesfully reproducing the original flavors of Tel Aviv culinary culture. They serve authentic shakshuka (green shakshuka is our favorite!) with freshly baked homemade pita. They prepare their own hummus and use only seasonal vegetables. There are lots of options also for vegetarian and vege folks. Be Te`Avon! Smacznego! Bon Apetit!

Why breakfast on the tour? Because this is not just another Warsaw ghetto tour. Neither it is only a tour of Jewish history – it`s also about nowadays. On this tour there is always time to ask questions and talk.


Jewish Warsaw – destruction and revival

So after breakfast, the walk starts in a place of Jewish life – before the war and today. The guide will bring alive the time when chassids lived together with socialists, Esperanto language was created and Isaac Bashevis Singer, future Nobel Prize winner, wrote his first novels.
Next, this walking tour of Warsaw tells the story of the Warsaw ghetto, where half a milion Jews were imprisoned. It`s a powerful story of starvation and death, but also of a thriving culture, fashion and love. You will be walking through the fighting area of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 – the very first act of armed resistance against the Nazis in occupied Europe – to the former deportation point, where railcars went off to death camps.
But Holocaust isn`t the end. On Jewish Warsaw and Ghetto Tour you will visit the city`s main synagogue and have meeting with a member of the Warsaw Jewish community to learn about Jewish life today.

It`s the only tour of Jewish Warsaw that gives a chance to discuss and ask questions, even the hardest ones – about response to Holocaust in Polish society during the war, what does it mean to be a Jew in Poland after Holocaust, anti-semitism…


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