How to travel by air.

For many, travelling by air is a really stressful experience – especially if it’s the first time flying. Is there really a reason to be frightened?

Absolutely not! Air travel is the safest of all means of transport. Looking at it through the prism of danger is a result of how much the media speaks about the crashes, which in reality happen really rarely, most often in third world countries.

Preparations for air travel is a different topic. They should be done in the least stressful way possible.

Firstly, you need to book the ticket in advance. It’s best to find it through a special website, which allows us to find the best-priced and shortest flights.

While purchasing a ticket it is important to decide, whether we’re looking to fly with a budget airline or a regular one. Cheap airlines charge extra for checking in luggage and printing the boarding pass at the airport.

Next step: check-in. It can be carried out both online (common while flying with budget airlines) or at the airport. In the case of airport check-in, it is advised to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure to take care of all the formalities in a normal tempo.

After check-in and receiving the boarding pass, proceed to the safety control section. Here, it is important to remember, that no sharp items can be taken onboard an airplane. This applies to scissors, nail cutters and even tripods. Liquids, cremes and similar substances are also not permitted. Those rules should be considered while packing, because all unpermitted items are taken during the safety processes for later utilization by the airport staff.

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