How to protect yourself from the theft on holidays?

The treat for thieves is careless tourists, coming on holidays with a significant amount of cash and with an expensive electric device.

Pickpockets are waiting on unwary hikers at railway stations and airplanes, at crowded beaches, at busy streets of towns, next to entries leading to the most famous touristic objects.

What should you remember not to become a victim of them? There are a few of the most important rules which will allow for risk of thefts reduction on holidays.

A wallet hold by yourself but not on the outside

First of all the thieves hunt on wallets because their robbery lasts a dozen minutes barely while there are reckless passers-by. If you want to avoid it, the purse should be hidden in a place to where the pickpocket will have a problem to get into. In case of women, it may be interior, zipped pocket in a purse, in case of men right way will be an internal pocket of jacket or sachet hidden on neck under the cloth. If we used to wear a wallet in a pocket, you should secure it also for example by pinning on short, metal leash to trousers.

If we don’t want to be an exciting point for a pickpocket, we should not show with a wallet in public places. After payment, we should hide the wallet the fastest as it is possible to a purse or pocket.

Money in few places

Remember, opportunity makes a thief, and that is why you should not hold by yourself a significant amount of cash and take the same a few credit cards. The optimal solution is to put in your wallet sum of money that we need for given day, and the rest leave in safe place, for example in a hotel deposit.

If someday during a holiday relaxing we are planning more significant expenses, and it is good to keep money intended for this goal in a few places, for example, a half of bills in a wallet, second half in the zipped pocket of purse or jacket, the other part in a handy backpack. In the same way, we need to secure at the time of traveling.

Protection of documents and travel tickets

The mistake that many of tourists make is that they carry in wallet not only the cash which is their possession but also all the documents, visas, and even airline tickets. The safer is to leave them in a hotel and during travel – hold it in hand baggage with the personal things which will not interest a thief.

Before departure abroad it is recommended to do a photocopy of the most critical documents and tickets, scan them and then send it on the e-mail address. Therefore even if we will be robbed, it will be easier to document our personality and we will come back to the country safely.

Protection a baggage

While traveling, we should keep an eye on our baggage. We can’t leave it with no care and for any while, because such a moment of inattention is enough to lose it all with which we came there.

It is worth to buy additional security to the suitcase or backpack, so we will discourage a potential thief. It is unlikely that a thief will be interested in a robbery of things from backpack cased with steal mesh or the suitcase secured by zip on the code. If the thief gets into the interior of our baggage, it will require time and effort so pickpocket will change his goal of robbery.

Be careful with apparatus and cameras

The inherent attribute of tourists is apparatus, camera, and tablets on which we capture a holiday memory. While we are taking for electronics from the bag, especially if they are very worth, special care should be taken.

While you are going through the streets of the town with your photographic device, it is worth to hold it on strip hanged on the neck. Thanks to it the thief will not be able to catch the apparatus by only one move.



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