How to properly choose trekking poles?

On the market are availabe tens models of trekking poles from several manufactures. How in this thicket find something for you?

Firstly locking system! For locking system of trekking poles you should pay attention while you are buying it! The poles which are poor quality (their treacherous locking system – pole is lodging in the least expected moment) instead of helping you the may become cause of unnecessary troubles, nerves and in extreme situations – Pose a threat to your health and life!

Manufactures of poles are using two systems of locking: of stretcher (all twisted poles) and of cleat (with external locking system) Among the twisted poles blockade may be one-, two- or even three point. Poles which have a great quality, their blockade works surely even in not that strong thightening : check out poles resting on all body weight (in mountains you might be heavier even for about 20kg of backpack!). If you must to use it for thightening strongly to make blockade effective – cancel purchase! Remember that at minus temperatures, unscrew the very tight lock may be impossible! In that way we recommend poles with external blockade (of cleat): properly adjusted is completely reliable and its unlocking and locking doesn’t require more strength (also in witner conditions)

Handle and loop – check out if pole is suitable for you and is the loop not too hard (On a longer trip it might wipe the skin on the wrists)

Grottoes – find out from which material they are made (they shouldbe widia) or are they available to buy (as spare parts) Grottoes which have a good quality are wiping slower, those bad you will have to replace after a few trips to the mountains.

Shock absorbers – they improve comfort of using the poles. Something for something – they also significantly increase their weight and they are relatively emergency. Try and think if  they are useful. If you are looking for poles on summer – choose rather those without amortization.

Plates – make sure, that with poles you will get plates summer and winter and make sure also you can buy more of them (in cheaper poles they like to getting lost) Check out how tight they are staying at the pole.

Weight and length after assembly – it is important for those, who are going on multi-day expeditions (in order having a monstrous heavy backpack every gram have matters and the shorter is the pole after assembly the more comfortably is to wear it).

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