Go-Karting Race in Krakow – Speed on “Kubica’s” Track

Cars, racers and motorization are the passion of many people – both adults and children, which is why we love go-cards so much! These small vehicles were created during World War II in America, when American pilots decided to pass the time and created the first kart. Small, light, simple and fast and, above all, easy to use and allowing to develop satisfactory speed, go kart has quickly become popular all over the world. Also in schools, where students designed and made go-karts themselves, to later race them on makeshift tracks.

In Poland, eight-year-old children can sit behind the wheel of a go-kart. This is how the world’s greatest racing drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna began. Go-karting allows both the youngest and older to develop skills, feel the adrenaline and improve as drivers. It’s a great entertainment for the whole family, because everyone can race on the karting track! How is this amazing vehicle constructed? Well, its strength lies in simplicity! Go-karts don’t have a suspension and a gearbox, thanks to which their operation is simple even for those who have never driven a car and don’t have a driving license. The first karts had engines from … mowers! Today, professional go-karts are equipped with 10kW engines and can develop a speed of 100 km / s in just one and a half seconds! The dizzying career of go karts is evidenced by the dates: in 1956 the first kart was produced and in 1961 were held the first Karting World Championships!

Today, in every major city we’ll find karting tracks, which are prepared to serve both amateurs and professionals. In Krakow, it’s worth visiting the karting track where Robert Kubica has been training since the age of six. This Polish rally and racing driver cooperated, among others, with Formula 1 and achieved many victories at Polish and world competitions. The Krakow track is perfectly prepared – it’s 6 meters wide and 320 meters long, has the most modern vehicles and excellent surface. It’s a completely safe track, where you can use the advice of instructors and try your hand on a driving simulator. Go-karting Krakow attracts both professionals and amateurs who want to try their hand at a completely new activity. Go-karts are a great idea to spend time with buddies – healthy competition, speed and adrenaline build emotional bonds between the participants of the race! So fasten your seat belts and beat the laps as soon as possible!

Go-karts can be used safely by children who are at least 100 centimeters tall. It’s also equally important to train your toddler – the most important rule is not to collide with other vehicles moving on the track and to avoid bumping into the gang. Driving on a professional track’ll not only be a great joy for a child, but also a training in karting skills as well as healthy competition. It’ss worth showing the youngest children various types of sports – it may turn out that we have at home the successor of Lewis Hamilton!

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