Getting sick on vacation, or how to use medical help abroad in Europe?

Although we usually go on vacation to warmer countries, it doesn’t protect us from catching cold or even things like getting high temperature. In all European Union countries, we can use free health care thanks to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The card entitles us to get the same kind of help available to the citizens of a particular country. If we have to pay for selected medical services, after returning home we may try to get a refund. In such case, we can either get all the money back or part of the costs incurred, at request. Before going abroad, it’s a good idea to get an insurance card as it makes it easier to get medical help. But if we don’t have this kind of document and have to go to a doctor, we may contact the insurance company and ask them to mail or fax a digital insurance document. We may also pay for medical treatment and then try to get a refund for the medical expenses once back home. EHIC only works in case of immediate help. All the planned medical treatments that we wish to get done abroad have to be paid for according to the applicable rates in a particular country. Extra vacation insurance, or how to relax in peace When going on vacation, we don’t usually think about having to cure our cold, put on a cast or visit a dentist. Sadly, life can be unpredictable, and illnesses can hit us even on the hottest day. There’s a growing interest among those going on vacation abroad in paid extra health insurance (especially when visiting other countries outside EU), which guarantees them complete peace when on vacation. The extra insurance covers things like getting transported back home after a serious accident, getting help in the event of consequences of a terrorist attack as well as indemnification for a permanent damage to health resulting from an accident. What we are not guaranteed with free insurance, we get out of paid health insurance. Which makes it a good idea before vacation to learn about the conditions of providing medical health in the country we’re going to visit.

If you need a doctor when traveling, you can easily find the nearest doctor using the app.

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