ETA – Obligation of registration before arrive in Canada

Canada introduces the obligation of registrating for all travelers who want to visit that country through the plane even if it is not require from them possession of entry visa.

That obligation named eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) require paid registration anyone who will be visting Canada by plane after 15th March 2016.

The exception will be citizens of USA and people who have valid Canadian entry visa in their passports.

Entry requirements for people traveling by water or land are not changing.

In case of people who don’t need entry visas to Canada, registration eTA will be necessary. Without it it is not possible to cross the border with Canada on the plane.

Registration is made by the internet and cost of it is 7 dollars (by a credit card). You can do it on the page by clicking here. It is valid for a period of 5 years or till the end of validity given passport if that validity expires earlier.

Registration of eTA is advise for accomplishment their travelers yet before buying of plane ticket.

In the right form it is important to enter personal information (Name, Last Name, Data and place of birth, nationality, adress and number of passport). Registration like that is inseparably associated with given passport. With the moment of manufacturing other necessary is re-registration eTA.

The whole concept eTA is not a new thing: similar systems of electronic registration obligate now in United States and in Australia.

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