Cuba in the light version

All below trip can and has to be documented on the photos with photography tours to Cuba.

A trip to Cuba is a dream of almost every lover of travelling. In a few days we can get to know the essence of the island, which smells with rum and cigars and we can experience the greatest adventure because you can’t be bored there.

Cuba is a leader of exotic trips this season especially guided trips are the most popular ones. One of the options is sightseeing the island in the nutshell, meaning the cult spots in one trip with a condensed program. This is the option for those who don’t want to or cannot spend much time travelling.

A program of the one week tour is easy, light and pleasant and gives the possibility to get to know Cuba and its most important attractions. The participants visit the key Havana places for example: the Revolution Square, Revolution Museum, Columbus grave, Bocoy – a rum factory. A mandatory is also the stroll round the old town or a visit in the Miramar and Cubanacan districts.

An interesting place on the western side of the island is also Pinar del Rio – a historic region of the tobacco farmers where it is worth visiting the cigars factory. But this is not the only one attraction in this area. It is also worth seeing Valle de Vinales – a national park with gigantic and picturesque limestone murals.

A cruise through the canals of the Zapata Peninsula and a visit at the shore of the Carraiben Sea in the Bay Of Pigs are the mandatory positions during visiting Cuba. There you can see the famous Cueva de los Peces – a double cave with colorful, tiny lake full of tropical fishes.

Cienfuegos, often called a Cuban ,,Pearl of the South” is a magnificent city. Its center, thanks to perfectly preserved colonial architecture is one of the most beautiful touristic attractions of the island. There is it worth to visit the botanic garden which enchants because of its collection of fig trees and palms.

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