Beautiful Barcelona…

From Piazza Catalunia to Piazza Espania. From the Harbor to Ramble Boulevard, Barcelona is full of beauty. Here, in Barcelona, a city full of energy, beauty and taste, a traveler sitting in a small coffee shop realizes how brief life is and how majestic thought and talent can be.

Without leaving Catalonia’s capital, you can actually take a quick trip of all of Spain and feel the atmosphere of its countryside. In Pueblo Espana, buildings typical for various regions of Spain have been constructed. You can wander from Castilla and Leon, through La Mancha and all the way to Estremadura.

The journey around the kingdom is amazing and somewhat thrilling. You can’t help but regret, how little time we have in life to go everywhere, at least for a week – to feel the unique atmospheres.

The citizens of Barcelona are open, energetic, full of temper and smiling, in love with their football club – FC Barcelona. Here, the streets are not filled with Chanel outfits and Armani suits – here, everybody wears plum-navy T-shirts of the national hero, Messi. Of course, Barca has its one-of-a-kind taste, too. Those, who do not want to eat meat, can, without a problem, undertake a diet of solely sea creatures. The sheer amount of fish, squid, shrimp, langoustines and lobsters prepared in different ways, including boiling, frying, grilling, baking and marinating, is unheard of anywhere else in the world. Catalonians say, that their cuisine is rather Spanish, although the breakfasts are quite different from the ones served in Spain. They’re fond of a dish of boiled lamb with beans and carrots with eggs benedict fried on water. Of course, you can also get a wonderful paella, made on seafood broth. Down here, you can simply fall in love with the food.

While wandering around Barcelona, you just have to visit the „Four Cats” coffee shop – in there, Pablo Picasso himself would sit around and drink wine all day, while Antonio Gaudi would drop by to get coffee. The city’s jewel however is the, still unfinished, Sagrada Familia cathedral, a true symbol of Barcelona. Once unreachable and closed, now open and with a breathtaking composition of form, metaphors and paintings. Pope Benedict XVI has made the cathedral holy in 2010, so that it can be of service to believers.

The Bujol park, designed by Gaudi, is begging for a photo next to the lizard statue from, among others, Woody Allen’s „Viki, Christina, Barcelona”. The park itself was actually also the home of Mr. Antonio, whose home is these days a museum filled with breathtaking shapes and form, inviting tourists inside. But, in a city as beautiful as Barcelona, visited by millions of tourists, you also need to be careful.

Anywhere you look, you can find warning signs, that warn you about extremely rude thieves. There is just so many stories of lost luggage, wallets and purses. Despite that though, Barcelona is a fantastic and a truly amazing experience. Even problem with parking Barcelona is totally easisly with Anyone who’s been here is almost obliged to his soul to soon come back and gaze into the city’s atmosphere and beauty. E Viva Barsa.


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