Bali – short guideline

Bali is different than the rest of the world. Here come millions of tourists and almost everyone is delighted and finds something for themselves. What is worth to know about that amazing corner of the world?

Bali is relatively not too big island. Its surface is almost 5,6 thousands square kilometers. It extends on the length of 145 kilometers and width of 80 kilometers. On that small scrap of Earth there are one of the most beautiful beaches of our planet. Variety of the island landscape is amazing. We can admire here luxuriant, wild jungle, saturated by incredible greenery countless rise fields, beautiful hills and valleys or amazing lakes glued to slopes.

Indispensable part of such spectacular landscape is architecture. The curiosity is that on the island it can not appear any of the building which will exceed the palm. It is one of the most commonly prevalent tradition which in time has became in prevalent everyday law. All the buildings located on Bali reach maximum two floors. It applicable also (bring a huge amounts of money) international hotel chains.

Even in ancient capital of Singaraja there are no skyscrapers and European buildings. Patrol stations and supermarkets have characteristic steep, Balinese visors. All is built according to unique architectural style. Each of residential house is directed by axis in direction holly mountain Agung. It need to also posses a special door which blocks entrance for ghosts. Symbols such those we can find numerously.

Here is what is worth to see:
♦ Pemuteran – great beach and areas for diving;
♦ Kuta – beaches and restaurants straight from folder;
♦ Gunung Bataku – vague mountain, rise fields and temple;
♦ Amed – cosy hotels among cameral beaches and fishing villages;
♦ Seminyak – fun and nightlife;
♦ Ulu watu – surfing on the big wave.

Bali is exceptional. Among others warm. There is equatorial, wet climate about average temperature 25-27 degrees Celsius. On Bali it is worth to fly in July – it is the end of rainy season and air humidity is very low. Excellent conditions for surfing and diving, a lot of historical, archaeological and cultural attractions and in addition wide choice of accommodation base – it is guaranteed on Bali.

Bali Weight Loss Retreat. On the island we can meet with service offering detox, fitness or healthy food directed to guests of island. On which I encourage you the most.

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