A holiday idea – Paddle Board

“A new equipment trend in the coming seasons will likely be the Paddle Board, which is a universal type of board combining the features of a surfboard with a windsurfing contraption.

“Where did the concept to switch the sail in favor of the paddle come from? Market research implies, that, in the USA, canoeing is 40 times less popular than windsurfing. It looks like some companies have an incentive and plan on how to make some of their customers switch – if they seem to be experimenting with paddleboarding, why not try to attach a sail?

There are of course more advantages – one of them is the sheer universality of the product. You don’t need any wind to enjoy the board. All that is required is a pool of water, a paddle, and, of course, the board itself. You don’t need more than five minutes to learn either – and from mastering the basics, the road to some more thrilling and advanced experiences is rather short. Another big advantage SUP boards have over surfboards is that they are wider, which makes standing upright on top of them much easier, and, thanks to the paddle, it takes much less time to cross the distance from the coastline to the bigger waves and it is rather easy to gain sufficient speed (if a wave is coming, for example). What is more, when you finally do find the right wave – you can simply keep on standing on top of the board and not bother with learning about changing your stance, something a typical surfboard would require. During surfing, the paddle is to be held like a bar to help increase balance – but, if you consider SUP surfing not more than child’s play, you are mistaken. The sport is also practiced by famous surfers, such as Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton, whose names speak for themselves.”

The appearance of the new trend is best visible by the early few releases of Paddle Boards models in the product line-ups of some windsurfing brands. No matter the brand, all Paddle Boards have an upper coating filled with EVA foam, an optional, retractable daggerboard, a handle to ease the transport of the board and openings meant for the leash.

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