6 most sunny places in the world

Phoenix, USA

More than 3 thousands of hours of sun a year – sounds incredible but it is possible! There are places on our planet where we can enjoy the clear sky practically non-stop and the weather is guaranteed. We invite you for a trip through the sunniest places in the world!

The capital Arizona state, the sunniest place in the USA, is shined with sun through 3872 hours a week. So it is not a surprise that one of the most famous NBA clubs Phoenix Suns holds sun in its name. Thanks to a great weather, Phoenix is a fantastic place to spend a few energetic days within fresh air, for example in a Desert Botanic Garden or on a golf course.

Andalucía, Spain

Spain is a hot country by all means. It appears that the sun shines the hardest on the Andalucía – almost 3 thousand hours a year. Everything in the rhythm of flamenco on the streets of Seville, Cordoba or Granada.

Bali, Indonesia

For nearly three hundred days a year on this fairytale island the weather almost insists on bathing in the sun. If we can also afford to rent one of the little houses on the beach then we will feel like the world would not exist above Bali.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Mediterranean climate of the capital city of the Republic of South Africa makes it possible that the grapes grow in the full sun for 2979 hours a year. But not only are the vineries worth seeing in the area of Cape Town. In this town on the very edge of Africa there can still be felt the taste of the colonial glory mainly because of the Dutch architecture.


Third biggest Island in the Mediterranean Sea is bathed in sun for more than 3 thousands hours per year. It is no doubt that among tourists from both Europe and the whole world it is popular as a place with a guaranteed good weather.


If you need sun visit the Caribbean! The island in the reggae rhythm attracts both lovers of Bob Marley as well as beaches and crystal clear water in which maybe still are drowned the hidden treasures. One of the biggest attractions is the James Bond Beach and Golden Eye Hotel – the residence of Ian Fleming, the author of the book about the spy of Her Royal Majesty.


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