5 places worth of seeing in Havana

Havana, the capital of hot and sinful Cuba which stopped in time – during colonialism period with a break for Cuban revolution. However that condition may not last so long, since the country renewed diplomatic relationships with United States so it is really the last moment for seeing Havana which may yet change beyond recognition. What is worth of seeing during holidays on Cuba? Here is our subjective guidebook to cult, Havana attractions.



The well known promenadę extending through coast gives incredible possibility of insight into the live of inhabitants’ life. The Malecon is a place of meetings, rendezvous and fun. That place is a great soultion for children full of Energy, some of them run, go fishing, The lovers often spend time on a low wall, groups of colleagues dance and gossip. Traveling by Malecon we can contemplate the sea landscape at the first site. You can also visit the crumbled part of the city with colonial, unrestored buildings which are still remember the times of their old magnificence.



Morro is a castle and fortress which you definitely should visit being on holidays in Cuba. El Morro was built in 1589 year when Cuba was under the rule of Spanish people. In the XVIII century however the fortress came into the Bitains’ hands. The castle is located at the sea but it extends from here also a beautiful sight on Havana.



The oldest part of the town in which you should spend a lot of days and even weeks to know it fully. We recommend especially searching on your own of the smalest, hidden in narrow street pubs which are established by native-born Cubans. Try out ropa vieja, the traditional fricassee from meat and drink not only cuba libre or mojito but also less well-known drink such as daiquiri. Then you can go also on flee market combined with big, opened Antiquarian. You will find there books, not only those Spanish but also in English. Nearby the Cubans often sell Spanish empanadas what means the kind of ravioli made of cake stuffed by various types of meat.



Few people know that someday in Cuba was living quite substantial amount of Chinese people. The after-affects from newcomers from China who in a big amount immigrated to United States – it is a Chinese province. Due to lack of former inhabitants of that place you will not feel full atmosphere which was there until Cuban revolution but you can go by the province’s streets in searching of Chinese bar in which you can eat a lunch.



Without any doubt, the most popular hotel in Havana. There were living well-known people like Winston Churchill or Frank Sinatra. In the hotel you will find the special table dedicated to prominent guestsw who were stopped here and among  these are also actresses and actors from Hollywood. From the hotel there extends a beautiful sight on Caribbean Sea and through the windows of many apartaments you can watch all town. It was built in Art. Deco style with eclectic elements in 1930 year. In case of those two places you have two options – go to the hotel on a short walk with guideman or without or become a local guest, stopping in Nacional de Cuba for a few nights.

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